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Well really the proof that God exists is all around us, in fact we are proof of that in itself.  First look at the earth, the way it operates and how it's make up is.  We can see how the seasons change and the earth rotates, even though this is something that we learn in … Read more

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Wow this is a horrible situation to be in and I difficult question but I would like to try and help...

First thing - this is not your fault. You did nothing wrong in this situation, your mother's boyfriend is just an f***ed up a**hole and deserves to go to jail. And you should be the … Read more

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Many of em will tell you that the leaves are green because of the chlorophyll in em, its true ! But the chlorophyll in the leaves can absorb a large amount of wavelengths or colours, the green chlorophyll in leaves can absorb all the colours except for green colour ! Amazing isnt it , so … Read more