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It sounds as if your husband is having an allergic reaction to the sting. Swelling is one of the body's defense mechanisms to protect itself. Sometimes it just has to run its course. Baking soda, mixed with a little water, may help. He may also want to take extra Vitamin D, which is known to … Read more

Dr. Suzi Turner
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The best sunscreen is a hat, long sleeves, and covers like your grandmother used to wear.  SPF (sun protection factor)  are dangerous --  chemicals that may screen the sun, but have questionable side effects. Some even say they are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

A natural sunscreen is a mineral cream containing zinc like the old fashioned zinc … Read more

Dr. Suzi Turner
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I am currently working on a natural weight loss book. My best advice is to read labels and eliminate all artificial sweeteners, especially high fructose corn syrup -- #1 cause of obesity in America today. Reduce or eliminate sugar; and eat only natural foods -- fruits, vegetables, lean meats. Avoid all processed foods (anything that … Read more