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Why would God care about such a small thing. Think about how many people he has to watch over. You think he will care about a small minor thing like that. After all he gave you that choice anyways.

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Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago one, or a few carbon based life forms (us) decided that there needed to be some kind of "bigger than life as we know it" thing to keep everyone in check.  Wow it sure has worked wonders huh? No war without politics, no politics without … Read more
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First of all we didn't originate from apes. We came from an ape-like being long ago over the course of thousands of years. 

Humans and apes come from the same origin. Think of it as the ape like being as the mom and humans and apes and the children. They both came from the same place … Read more

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No, normally people think that there are aliens on the earth but it has never been proved with scientific logics. Normally people exaggerated the things they see and call them aliens. So there are no aliens in our universe. This thought was only establish in the minds of people due to the science fiction movies. … Read more
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There once was life on Mars long ago when Mars was more earth like millions of years ago and had water. Though there is no evidence that there is life on Mars alive today. At least no any discovered life....

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The universe is huge! 

Its pretty silly to say we a speck of dust in the vast universe is the only place that has life. Now intelligent life that would be more rare. 

I think the most likely form of alien life would be single celled organisms and bacteria. So yes I do think there are aliens  … Read more