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It's never easy having to deal with your sister, or any close relative, moving to a different continent. While this can initially seem highly distressing, there are several coping mechanisms you can use to get by.

1. Keep in contact

One of the most obvious solutions is to stay in constant contact with your … Read more

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Don't worry, dating is something you don't necessarily need to do when you're 17. Peer pressure can make you think that dating is something needed, but don't let that get to you, go with the flow. And looks don't matter too much, really. Wait until your time comes.

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Your sister is moving to a different continent for two years! Hmmm!

So your question sounds quite confusing, you haven't told us what you wanna do!

If you'll miss her then you can see her daily through a webcam and talk to her or you can talk to her through phone or if there's no problem you … Read more