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Corundum for abrasives is mined in Zimbabwe, Russia, Sri Lanka and India. It had been mined from deposits associated with dunites in North Carolina, USA and from a nepheline syenite in Craigmont, Ontario. 

Emery grade corundum is found on the Greek island of Naxos and near Peekskill, New York, USA.

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Simply, diet and exercise. Get into a habit of being fairly active - walking instead of taking a bus, for instance. You don't necessarily need a gym membership or anything like that, but take up some kind of hobby that gets you moving out in the fresh air. Cut out foods that are high in … Read more

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You could break up the sentence into a number of smaller sentences, or you could replace the word 'and' with something else, perhaps something that specifies the order of things done, or both, or something else.

For instance, you could write:

"Soon, the bus pulled up and she hopped in. She made her way to the middle, … Read more

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A bit. I miss getting excited about each new book coming out, but it feels good now knowing the story is complete. Having Pottermore to gradually fill in more gaps gives me my fix now and again. Also, I'm quite looking forward to the new stuff that Rowling has said will be coming out - … Read more

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I read a lot of books, usually on the train and bus on the way to work, so I read maybe twelve or thirteen books last month. I prefer actual books, but I do have an eReader app on my tablet because of the number of classic books you can download for freeRead more