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The hours depend on the route taken.  MAN to O'Hare to Honolulu is 37.5 hours.    MAN through London then LA then Honolulu is around 22 or 25 hours, depending on time between planes.   MAN through JFK through San Fran to Honolulu would be 36 hours.    These times are samples on American Airlines.  … Read more
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Lilah Tov (Good Night).  Some more:   Hebrew offers you many choices of ways to say hello and good-bye. Here are a few things to say in greeting:
  • Shalom. (shah-lohm; Hello; peace.)
  • Mah Ha'Inyanim? (mah hah-in-yah-neem; How are things?)
  • Mah Nishmah? (mah neesh-mah ; What's up?)
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Main Entry: pi·cot Pronunciation: ˈpē-(ˌ)kō, pē-ˈ Function: noun Etymology: French, literally, small point, from Middle French, from pic prick, from piquer to prick — more at pike Date: Circa 1882
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I am on my third Camry, and I had this light come on with this current car.  From the manual: (e) Malfunction Indicator Lamp This lamp comes on when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position and goes off after the engine starts. This means that the warning light system is operating properly. … Read more