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My favorite subject in school is probably Algebra or English. Both are awesome. :D My greatest strength is that I am selfless. I love the idea of sacrificing myself for others simply because I feel the need to make others content. I had a twin sibling, yes, but unfortunately my twin has passed away... :/

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Do you reall want a tattoo.

-What type of tattoo is it? Innapropriate? Religious?

-Where do you want it?

-Why do you want the tattoo?

-Who will tattoo it?

-Have your parents approved of your decision?

-The tattoo last FOREVER unless you pay thousands to get it removed.

-When you get old and your skin stretches and wrinkles,  your tattoo will stretch … Read more

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That's a really sweet thing to do!

Some chords that are used often are Am, G, C, F, D and A. Play around with them and your lyrics.

You can also make a parody of a song. Find a nice song you like and change the words to fit your circumstance. 

I'm here if you … Read more

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Just times the numerator by two and the denominator by two. As long as you times OR divide both numbers (only times or divide) (as long as they can both be divided by a number) then the original and new fraction will be the same but simplified or made more complex.

e.g. 5/8  -  5 x … Read more

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God hasn't left us! He isn't the one creating the drugs, starvation and famous people. Remember in the beginning when God gave Adam and Eve a choice to disobey him and eat the fruit or obey and not eat of it. This is free will. God gave us choices, He doesn't control how everyone acts. 

He … Read more