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First off this is just Facebook. Strangers friend other strangers all the time and you two aren't strangers so there really isn't anything wrong with it. Most people these days friend people they know of, even if they aren't actually friends so it isn't all that weird. If she thinks that it is weird or … Read more

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People have varying success finding girlfriends, and to be honest, the factors are so wide that I probably couldn't list them all on here even if I tried.

Things like self-confidence, good looks and charm are important if you're looking for a girlfriend, but equally important are social opportunities, culture, and the number of single women … Read more

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I don't know if you can say it's true love by just meeting a girl one time from Facebook unless you two went on Skype than maybe it could happen really hard to say? If you meet them in real life than things could spark a romance but without some type of contact to see … Read more