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There are many natural ways Best 15 Ways...Apply this on each day and after fifteen days check out the result..Make sure to take selfie before and after so as to share with others the result.There will be no side efffect as these are all natural treatment.....

1: Mix honey and lemon

2.Dried orange powder and yoghurt

3.Tomato,Oatmeal & … Read more

Aaliya T Mohd
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Yeah...My elder sister  was suffering from heavy hair damage

after her foreign trip to Belgium...what she did was she applied a mask out 1 egg white, 1 onion juice,1 teaspoon almond oil,1 teaspoon black tea,1 teaspoon Aloe Vera,1 teaspoon olive oil...she applied this for an hour every day and once in a week she washed … Read more