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I'm a Virgo woman - and Virgo men are pretty similar. The Virgo man
  • We're not cold - even though we look and act aloof, we're actually very sensual and passionate when we've got that feeling.
  • Virgo men like brains - you don't have to be really clever - just make good conversation or we're … Read more
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Great question!  Both my current boyfriends happen to be Virgo males!

I'm not sure why I keep attracting Virgo guys - I'm a Leo ha, ha.  My first boyfriend, at 17, was a fastidious Virgo.  Sweet guy.

Here are some facts about the Virgo male from a woman Virgo males LOVE for some reason:

- Not as … Read more

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Happier and more flirtatious around handsome straight men than he is around you and other women


The sexier, more masculine/aggressive-looking the straight men around him the happier and giddier he seems


More than 25 percent of his Facebook friends gay males


Avoids PIV sex with you and other women


Absolutely repulsed by performing oral sex on you or … Read more

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Pro tip: He doesn't and won't.

Heterosexual means HETEROSEXUAL.  That means male who is sexually attracted to women ONLY.

We can't change you; you therefore can't change us.

If a man engages in a homosexual act with another male, he is no longer straight and never was.  In the old days back in the late 70s we called … Read more

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Advantages of being a lesbian?  So many.

Advantages society will admit that exist, or even admit they see?  Zero.  Society has a real problem accepting a woman courageous enough to be open about desiring more than a man.

I'm not lesbian, but I tried it out.  Here's the advantages I saw back then and still do, but … Read more

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No.  Lesbian means you only want sex and romance with women; strictly no men or boys at all.  If you like both men and women, that means you're bisexual, which is not lesbian, and not straight, nor is it "both".  Bisexual is its own specific orientation, like gay or straight.

The things you mentionedRead more