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Recall service is free. While having the recall work done, I am sure the mechanics can tell you what else is wrong and how much it would cost to fix. The jerking can be something as simple as a wheel out of balance.  And the gas smell a loose fuel line from the jerking.

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She is amazing for many reasons. She was a nurse for the air force during the Korean war. She met her husband who was a pilot while serving. Together they raised 4 accomplished daughters. She took a job as night nurse at a small but prestigious college. By working there her daughters could attend tuition … Read more
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Last night, I needed to get out and met a friend for drinks. Her mother, who is 94 years young, had never been in a bar. The kind of bar that is not attached to a restaurant.  Last night she ditched her walker,  got her "Sunday" fancy cane and walked in to surprise  her daughter.  … Read more