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And the rest of the story is...?  Doesn't sound fair, but to be able to give you an honest answerI would need a lot more information.  Have you driven your mother to her wit's end a lot?  Yelling at your children is not normally a good thing unless it is to save them from injury … Read more

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I suppose do they can blame the federal government.  Understand that I am absolutely no fan of President Obamas or his administration. That said, this is a local government issue and they have certainly shown how much they care about the people from Flint.  I'm guessing not many of your local government people live there.

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What's the podcast about? I'm sure you'll have better uptake on your question once we know what your plan for the podcast is.

Also, free Blurtit tip.. If you post anonymously, you're 87% less likely to get an answer to your question.

Or did I just make that stat up? I guess we'll never know...

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If a true psychopath came into your home you would like him or her. You will have opened the door and invited them in. Psychopaths are not the crazy people the media shows. They are master manipulators, con artists, who know exactly how to get past your defenses and get to you. Then, if they … Read more

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As of right now, my vote is going to Dr. Ben Carson. I like where he stands on major issues such as healthcare, marriage, 2nd amendment rights, and the economy. I also like that he is, essentially, the model of the American dream; lifting himself out of poverty by hard work to become one of … Read more