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Actually it is the christians who bring the bible into it when they talk about the origins of morality. I fail to see how the bible can be used as guidance on moral choices, the dogmas of the bible are horribly and fatally flawed for any normal society, they are founded upon a paternalistic, punishment-centered … Read more
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I don't think atheism inherently brings about immorality. (I'm not speaking from the POV of being an atheist although I sometimes dabble in non-belief because it makes me feel better).

But I think there is something inherently sort of dignified about having belief. That's cos as an individual for some reason I take it to … Read more

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My assumption in this question is that you hold the bible to be the christians' moral guide. The bible is one of the most violent, obscene books ever written. The first 5 books alone are nothing but this "god" killing off groups of people. Infanticide, genocide, rape, and torture are all prevalent throughout. Intolerance (only … Read more