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Actually GGG is a hard competitor for any one middleweight boxer. Canelo is a hard puncher with good defensive skills, but when he will face GGG, he will certainly suffer against some extra ordinary balance fighting skills of GGG along with his really good physiological game which really tired the opponent in the ring. 

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Boxing had a rich history with technical art of fighting sports. Compared to mixed martial arts & same sort of sports, boxing is a pure combat fight sport. It has a huge following worldwide and the most interesting contest in Olympics. People loves it!!! So for me it is a pure sport activity which not … Read more

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Muay thai would be a good game for you. As, Ruqsana Begum the british boxing champion is the ambassador for the leading fight sports brand named as RDX.

Another great name of boxing Holly Holm recently joined Mixed martial arts and now she is the UFC champ after beating Ronda Rousey.

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