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Headache maybe but not the sore throat.  More likely is that both are a sign youre getting a cold or flu.  They just discovered the scoliosis but it doesnt occure suddenly.  Youve had it for years.  Unless you have had frequent headaches all along its not likely its causing your headache now.

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The sore throat and headache sound as though you may have a throat infection possibly even strep.  You need to see your doctor about that.

I'd suggest you talk to your Scoliosis specialist if you haven't already, pressure on the nerves can cause nausea and lightheaded feeling.  Nobody really knows what causes Scoliosis although it can … Read more

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Since it has been a couple of weeks since you asked this, I am guessing you have your answer. But for anyone else reading this, yes, scoliosis can definitely affect headaches. They may not be true migraines though. Often, as with myself, the curvature of the upper spine will cause what the doctors call a … Read more