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I don't think anyone can really give you a very confidential correct answer.

-It depends how open and deep the scar is, how long is it, what's the cause, and if you don't know it and the scar is not by a clear obvious reason, then diagnosing is so important.

There's so many skin creams, … Read more

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Not all men do. Because my husband does not. How I know this is b/c he likes to have the lights on, observe my body, and gaze into my eyes during those intimate times. Thats how I know he loves me and my body and not thinking about another female.

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How is anyone suppose to know what another is thinking?

If you are worried either talk to him about it OR be his fantasy girl! Make it to where you have so much confidence that he COULDN'T think of anything else except for you! Confidence is the key, not your looks!