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St. Croix (Airport)

NCDC 1971-2000  St. Thomas (Airport)

NCDC 1981-2010  St. John (Cruz Bay)

NCDC 1981-2010

Average  High  Low  Rain  High  Low  Rain  High  Low  Rain

Jan  83.2°  69.2°  2.11″  85.1°  72.5°  2.38″  82.4°  70.3°  3.01″

Feb  83.5°  68.5°  1.89″  85.1°  72.5°  1.43″  82.5°  70.2°  1.77″

Mar  84.2°  68.5°  1.9″  85.9°  72.8°  1.42″  82.8°  70.5°  … Read more

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A strong entity set has a primary key. All tuples in the set are distinguishable by that key. A weak entity set has no primary key unless attributes of the strong entity set on which it depends are included. Tuples in a weak entity set are partitioned according to their relationship with tuples in a strong entity … Read more

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Waterfall model is very simple to understand, documentation and testing is done in every step so as to report the client what they have been done.

In Waterfall model each phase must be completely fulfilled in-order to go to the next phase. The main disadvantage of this model is that if the project is … Read more

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Have you heard of Facebook? They use PHP. They also make heavily use of JavaScript. That should answer at least one of your questions. JavaScript gives you possibilities you don't have with PHP and vice versa. You have to think about what you want/need and then decide which languages you need