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It doesn't really matter whether you're doing exercise at home or at the gym, really. Personally, I don't think it makes a difference. At my house, we have a treadmill and a rowing workout machine (my dad used to row, but the machine is a REALLY good workout for stomach, arms, and legs), and both … Read more

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There are many distractions at home.  It's so easy to get off the treadmill and go to the couch.  People hire trainers to yell at them and push them into exercise. 


Maybe seeing the treadmill at home will male you think of using it.  Or you'll start using it as a coat rack . . … Read more

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As long as you stick with it on a daily routine and eat a healthy diet, it should work out well for you. I see quite a few treadmills at garage sales so you might think about looking at some of those and you'll probably get a great price on one. I see a lot … Read more