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Does it matter?  You are who you are, and you can't change anything about it.  If you feel more comfortable being the other gender, go for it.  If not, good for you! You should be happy with yourself.  I think that people are over-categorised in this era.  We're all human, what should it matter if … Read more

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Traditional commerce is the usual method of economic systems and the buying and selling within specific systems, i.e. Political or technological commerce. E-Commerce is trade taking place over the internet or over computer networks - online purchasing or business. The difference is the methods of association and level of technological involvement.
  • What is Commerce?
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Traditional commerce Traditional commerce means communicating (ordering, paying) with customer and supplier using different applications in many time-consuming different steps . E-commerce E-commerce means processing of information using one digital application (EDI or Internet) and  only a few quick steps . Positioning Positioning is a plan showing the situation and setting priorities of the company towards … Read more