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Please read.

It really mostly depends on your personal body and the way that it and your personal system are set up, but generally many different things and kinds of things can happen also depending on how long you don't do it for and also how often that happens. Symptoms can range from and include: Simple … Read more

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Sounds like she's wanting attention. If they can't get attention one way they'll resort to other ways to get what they want. Negative attention to them is better than nothing. Lead her by example. Be who she needs right now. A loving, patient older sister.

Take some time and think about this. How about being her … Read more

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Plus I've tried talking to my parents since she has 0 respect for me and I'm about 6 yrs older than her, and I refuse to be nicer until she actually starts to have respect for me, yes I have tried that but she claims that no one ever does anything for her even if … Read more