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Paint the walls pink. Pink comes in a variety of shades — from hot pink to bubblegum pink — so choose a shade that reflects your personality. If you can’t decide between bright pink or muted pink, you can always mix and match.

Get a few pieces of girly furniture. Certain pieces of furniture are must-haves … Read more
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It was a TV series. Urban Dictionary :

A show on the Discovery Channel hosted by Mike Rowe. He visits various job sites and has first hand experience with some of the most interesting but often grossest jobs ever. He has gone out as an oyster farmer, exploring a cave filled with bat guano , and … Read more

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To find the surface area of the walls, take the total length and multiply by the height. For a square room that would be 4 * length * height. For a rectangular room then ((2 * length1) + (2 * length2)) * height. For a room of any shape, just set a start point, then … Read more