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The major one is that you can't change it, so whatever harm such a government does the people are stuck with it. Other disadvantages include a lack of innovation and debate - as there is no forum for people to present new ideas or criticise the system, you get a lack of progress. Also, leaders … Read more
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Merits 1)the rules are accountable to the people. 2)enhances the dignity of citizens. 3)it provides a method to solve conflicts especially  in a divorce  country like india.infact democracy helps to keep our country together. 4)based on the principle of political equality.
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Democracy is an ancient form of governance originally introduced by ancient Greeks. The first democratic regime in ancient times was installed by Romans who had representatives of the state in the state senate. That was the most rudimentary and basic form of democracy. Ideally it is described as a government of the people, for the … Read more
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The ten merits and demerits of Democracy as listed in Political Theory and Political Thought by Arora & Aswathy (2007) are as follows
  • The 10 merits of Democracy
1. The best form of all government 2. An ethical concept 3. Alike considerations for all citizens 4. Cooperation between the specialists and laymen 5. Public Education … Read more
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Merits: 1. Main objective of Democracy is welfare of people. 2. It empowers people. 3. It is based on equality. 4. It upholds liberty and brotherhood among people. 5. Stability of government. Enhanced efficiency of government. 6. It is optimistic about human nature. 7. It domestically accountable the opposition.