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As i am a traveler, i have been to many places. The best place which i found to live in is Texas. After being one of the most populated area of US, it is highly considered by people to live in. The structure and design of the city is made in such a way that … Read more

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Wow, tough question. There are plenty of places I'd love to live, especially considering the English weather!

I suppose the one corner of the world that has always fascinated me - and I'm not entirely sure why - is Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

I've always dreamed about living in a country on the Dalmatian … Read more

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There is no specific way to create connective tissue; there are mainly four kinds of tissues in conventional classification. Blood, cartilage and bones are generally thought to be connective tissues, but because they vary significantly from other tissues in this division, the expression "connective tissue proper" is applied. There is also a difference in the … Read more