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The system software is refers to the control and the coordinated computer and the external instrumentation, supports the application the software development and the movement system, does not need the user intervention each kind of procedure set, the major function is the dispatch, the monitoring and the maintenance computer system; Is responsible to manage in … Read more
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While accounting software can be a great help and is highly beneficial in time management and storing data, there are a variety of flaws in using such a package. The first is the risk of losing data as when a business is solely reliant on accounting software if the service is down due to loss … Read more
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Computer software is divided into two major categories. System Software Application Software Each category has its own sub-categories. System Software
  • Operating System Software
  • Network Software
  • Database Management software
  • Development Tools, Programming language software, IDEs
  • Other System Software such as drivers.
Application Software
  • General business Productivity software
  • Home Use Applications
  • Cross Industry application software
  • Utilities software
  • Other application software
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A Utility software is actually a kind of computer software which is designed to help in management and tuning of computer hardware, operating system and application software. It performs a single task or a number of small tasks. The examples of Utility software are as follows:
- Disk defragmenters
- System Profilers
- Virus … Read more
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The main difference between a system analyst and a software engineer is that a system analyst is responsible for designing an information system and at the end of his analysis he has to specify the requirements for creating the system. The system analyst discusses all the requirements and other aspects with the management and other … Read more
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Software is a set of computer programs and information that you need to instruct the computer what to do. An application is something that a computer does, such as word processing, so you need software - which may be called application software - in order to make the application work.
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Specialized Application Software is a software that is specially designed for an individual or company's specific needs. Application software, or more commonly known as "Apps", are basic programs for everyday use, such as; • Office suites • Accounting packages for example spreadsheets • Graphics software • Media player • Enterprise software The most popular software … Read more
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1. System Software - the underlying software that the computer uses to manage its own internal activities and run application software. It enables the application software to interact with the computer and manages the computer's internal resources. 2. Application Software - software used to perform general purpose task such as word processing software which are … Read more
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Application software is of great importance today. Generally, application software is required for different departments in an enterprise to improve upon the transactions of the department. It helps with the accounting functions, production and scheduling, bank account maintenance and the like. A comprehensive application also has been developed for a whole enterprise in stead of … Read more