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A fast for 11 days, might lose you 10-15 pounds over the week (not counting any water lose/gain).  Exercise will lose you a lot more if it is intense.  Exercise will also sculpt your body.  You will get tight middle, strong legs, curves in all the right places.

Annie, I see your picture on your profile.  … Read more

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Simply put .. Yes .. You will lose weight .. Which for the record would involve water and muscle mass in terms of the weight you lose (not just fat)  .. Two things your body depends on. More importantly depriving your brain of essential nutrients causes organ damage.  Your 'filtering' organs, not to mention your … Read more

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No, H2O2 has only covalent bonds. An ionic bond is always formed between a metal and a non-metal.

H2O2 is a weak acid, and so it can ionise slightly in water as a weak electrolyte. Acids like HCl, H2SO4, and HNO3  are also covalent compounds even though they are completely ionised in water.