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Turkey – The best part about Turkey is that it’s so big and diverse — and there’s bound to be something for every type of traveller.

Soar high over Turkey in a hot air balloon …

Italy – Home of the Roman Empire.Travel Italy by car  or just walk around and enjoy the rich  Culture … Read more
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Saris are very popular wedding attire, not just for the bride, but also for the best friend and the other attendees. It’s easy, effortless, classy and oh so gorgeous. But you can always spice it up by tying them differently. Saris maybe be common in India, but they are worn differently in different parts of … Read more

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As a bride, you crave and deserve perfection and why shouldn’t you! It’s your day. We are here to assist you in attaining that perfection which starts with your hair and make-up. Don’t just completely depend on your hairstylist to do wonders with your hair, but know what you want from the beginning.

Here is … Read more