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If you don't have satisfied employees, forget about satisfied customers.  You don't have to spoil them either, but as the functioning of the organization relies heavily on the well-being (mental and physical) of the workforce (whatever, in the office setting or a factory), employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful business.

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While Superman seems to be  somewhat of an American folk hero (like Europeans view their pagan deities), almost like an archetype, representing the early 40's consumerist (as an ideal to strive for..at least, appearance-wise), Batman stands for social marginality and spiritual desolation (intellectual's favorite) that pretty accurately represents the modern society.  Superman is what the … Read more

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It's hard to say. I think that it really depends on your geographical location. For some, his more obscure songs are the "life-changers" while pieces like "Modern love" (which I adore, though it really depends on the always-swinging mood) seem to be rather run of the mill creations.

Despite somewhat unconventional vocals, this song is a … Read more

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Only if you're really ready to read! -

Besides all the things that have been said about and done with it, we’ have to mention that the painting has also been studied quite a lot and understandably so. It has been said numerous times that the painting consists of secret codes, messages and at some … Read more