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Roots of the polynomial equation is also called as zeros of a polynomial equation. The zeros of a polynomial equation are the solutions of the function f(x) = 0.

The expression you have given, x^3+8x^2-18x+20

Zeros of polynomial equation is: (x + 9.22337203685E+18)

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Genes and alleles are related because alleles are inside a gene. Allele is defined with each of two or more alternative forms of a gene. Whereas gene, are found at the same position in a chromosome.

In population genetics, allele frequency is used to reflect the genetic diversity of a population species.

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Leap year is the special year where it occurs once in every 4 years... Usually a year has about 365 days but leap year has 366 days. An extra day is added to the shortest month of the year i.e February. Birthdays falls on Feb 29th is very special where, they can be celebrated once … Read more