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Tactful and subtle are not words usually applied to my life. Here's what I'd say in your position, "I'm off the clock now and my intentions don't include working. If you want me to help you, you'll have to wait until I'm back at work otherwise stop bugging me or else I won't help you … Read more

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Do you work for a cable company and that's why they are "bothering" you? If so, simply tell them that you are not able to do anything about their issues - they need to call the company and report their complaints.

Otherwise, you can "unfollow" someone on FB so that you don't see their posts on … Read more

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I would add in the "About" section, "Please respect my free time and allow me to enjoy my friends on Facebook without work requests."

Anyone who doesn't see or disregards your request, can be told, "As you see on my profile, I can be contacted at work to help with your issues.  You can also call … Read more

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Yes, I am the supervisor in "customer service" so obviously I can help them I just do not feel it's appropriate to disturb me during me off time. I don't want to unfriend them i just want to set boundaries.