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When I was a little girl of about six, our family was driving from New Mexico to California to go to Disney. My sisters, ranging from 8 years to two years old were sprawled in the back of our station wagon. As we travelled through Arizona, I was noticing loose socks that were blowing around … Read more

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Good or bad? Picture it, Holloween 2015, my wife and I went to Disney. We left Orlando late at night for an early start home. On a bridge, right around Savannah, Georgia on I95 in the pitch black of night, a good sized peice of metal flew into the front of our car, giving us … Read more

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In theory, Never Trying, but, unfortunately, ONLY In Theory. Which, also unfortunately, makes that idea not hold very much weight.

Sometimes you know once being asked to do something that you won't genuinely be able to accomplish or complete whatever it is being asked or even required of you, for whatever reason. And sometimes not … Read more