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The first wristwatch was made for a woman, Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, by Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe in1868. It was the first timekeeping device to be designed specifically for use on the wrist, it was intended primarily as a piece of decorative jewelry.

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When you find the ideal watch, it's vital that it fits you absolutely. Sometimes, it will be necessary to remove links from the watch band in order to get an exact fit.

Follow these points to learn how to remove watch band links to the specifications of your wrist.
Identify the link you wish to remove.
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Most of the time, when a battery starts going bad, it causes the time to run slow. After that, the watch stops running altogether.

  1. Before you begin, take a moment and using an old toothbrush remove all the detritus on the watch.
  2. Turn the watch over
  3. Remove the back cover
  4. Carefully remove the gasket
  5. Locate the battery
  6. Remove the battery
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