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The best advice is that you should consult the doctor.

There are some symptoms of diabetes including:

  • Frequent urinating
  • Increased thirst and hunger
  • Extreme debility
  • Weight loss
  • Bad eyesight
  • Slow healing
  • Tingling, pain, or numbness on hands or legs
Guava is is used to regulate the blood sugar level, which help reduce the risk of diabetes.

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You can use avocado. Its health benefits are available at: avocados health benefits

How to apply:

You mix avocado and banana together. Then you add a spoon of natural oil like olive oil. Eventually, you apply the mixture on the hair and wait for 30 minutes before cleansing it off.

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In fact, it is completely normal to experience breathlessness when you go over your usual level of physical activities or when you climb up somewhere with high altitudes and lack of oxygen. In that case, you just need to rest for a while then your breath will start to normalize.

However, there are health problems whose … Read more

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The fact that detoxification is really necessary because it may regulate the function of body organs and reduce uric acid levels.

To detoxify my body, I try to cut junk food. I consume more vegetable and fruit, instead.

One of the most beneficial ingredient for detoxification is lemongrass. It may clean out the body and … Read more

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To make use of the ingredient to quickly get rid of excess weight, you should consume 3-4 cups of green tea per day after each meal.

Besides, you also can consume dragon fruit. Dragon fruit with  the richness of fiber in its compound will support for weight loss, which you can read at: … Read more

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About 30 minutes every day. I have tried and I feel this way work quite effectively on weight loss.

Beside walking, you should take a proper diet. You can consume brazil nuts that enable you to manage your weight more efficiently and easily. To know in detail about it, you can consult at: … Read more

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Blackheads are my nightmare, actually. Luckily, I found out some home remedies that work effectively on getting rid of blackheads. You can use glair. It can help you remove dead skin cell, dirt, and whiten your skin.

How to apply: You get glair by a thick layer on the skin and then take a small … Read more