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Greatly affects me, I do not even know how I would do my homework without internet and laptop. Libraries?  - no. Especially now when covid 19 time, it is very dangerous to stay in libraries in crowded place . Today we have online libraries. Plus, how to conduct research papers? Yes, computer affected my life … Read more

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You sound like a very confident person. It all depends on how will you graduate and what knowledge base you will have. Not sure about connections but if you have no knowledge, connections will not help you.


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Well..this services once saved my life! I like partying way too much and one time I had to submit my assignments to professor and I realized I had none of them completed. I typed in Google best writing services and this site was among them. I placed an order with them and guys did great … Read more
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You are little cheater! Lol I'm just kidding, dude!
Relax, I have been using academic writing services too when there is a need for that. As a student who studies Computer Programming, I do not see a point in writing essays on humanities that we have  in University curriculum. That really sucks! Here is my … Read more