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As an alternative career path, entrepreneurship is one of the most popular phenomena in family business and company development. Such subjects are usually chosen as majors by college students. North Karelia Polytechnic course on Business includes some of the articles on family members' influence.

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The research topic:

Analysis of International Ties Between Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration and Princeton College

123 paper writing format would be as follows:

  • introduction
  • thesis statement
  • research methods
  • body
  • supporting argument (additional)
  • conclusion.
It seems that the topic would imply the report and historical data.
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Doesn't the chain of distribution contain also the distributor go-between? I saw the definition of the chain of distribution as follows:

"Chain of distribution implies the products being transferred from the producers to clients through the distributor go-between." - source - college essay writing service author Will Brown.