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An SEO agency pays experts in different areas of search engine optimization.  They know what it takes to help you take more organic traffic to your site through search engines. They offer a variety of services, including auditing your site, developing a tailored SEO strategy, and implementing the tactics that will help your business reach … Read more

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People are using various kinds of devices and platforms so digital marketing has spread widely. There are some key components of digital marketing which is essential for any business to grow.


A website is must for the online presence of an individual or company.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is the most effective way to … Read more

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For proper search engine optimization always follow Google webmaster’s guideline first.

If you follow these guidelines website will not be hit from Google’s update like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc.

Below mentioned ways are advanced and helpful to improve site’s seo.

Proper On Page:

  • Title and Meta Tags – Use unique and proper Title … Read more
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Absolutely Yes, SEO helps you to rank and traffic to your website, but SEO should be done in the right way, this means you need to give your website good amount of time and this time totally depend upon the keywords and phrases for which you want to rank high in Google and another search … Read more

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Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling.

Its more vital part of mobile site optimisation. Just keep in mind that people are typically only searching for one of three reasons: To do something, learn something, or go somewhere.

Long-tail keywords … Read more

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There are plenty of metrics where Search Engine Marketing Agencies measure the success of their PPC campaigns. But I am mentioning few as follows:

  1. Click-Through-Rate - It is one of the most important factor when you determine the Quality Score. It tell you if the ad are relevant to searchers or not.
  2. ConversionRead more

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The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent every day as the marketplace has become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. More and more consumers are researching and buying products online. So digital marketing has became a necesity for the business in order to stay in the competition. More businesses are implementing … Read more

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There are a bunch of other online platforms where we can market products or services. Digital marketing can further be categorized in several types and offered by digital marketing companies are as follows:

1. Search Engine Optimization: Increase organic traffic from search engines

2. Pay Per Click: Increase paid traffic from search … Read more

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I would suggest you to follow some blogs that keeps you updated with the latest PPC trends as online books get outdated after some period of time.

Here are some blogs that regularly updates the PPC trends as well as the digital marketing insights:

  1. https://www.ppchero.com/
  2. Google Alerts Google Adwords
  3. Search … Read more

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As SEO trends and techniques keep changiing day by day, It's very hard to find a book that covers all the aspects and trends of SEO. Rather I would suggest some SEO blogs that help you master to SEO techniques. Here are some of them and the best ones:

  1. https://neilpatel.com/blog/
  2. Read more
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As a SEO Service provider, we need to keep an eye on every single Google update. There are two main updates that Google rolled out in the year 2018.

  1. Mobile First Indexing Update
  2. Broad Core Update
Mobile First Indexing was confirmed by Google on 26th March 2018 and Broad Core update on 20th April … Read more

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There is a great and useful SEO checklist for startup website available on Search Engine Land website. Here's is the link: https://searchengineland.com/seo-checklist-for-startup-websites-170965

This article mainly cover onpage SEO. But you need to put Off page SEO efforts too. Looking at your website seems that you run a local business.

So local SEO link … Read more

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To improve your website ranking you should start optimizing your website first. Optimize the important factors which can help you to rank your keyword.

Here are a few onpage factors -

Onpage Optimization -

  • URL Structure should be keyword rich
  • Make the proper title tag including different keyword variations
  • Heading tags should in pointer and descriptive
  • Content should be … Read more

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Yes you can rank a single keyword on Google's first page, but you need to take more efforts as generic keywords take more time to rank high in Google SERP. Analyze the competition of the keyword, plan SEO strategies which are trending in 2018 accordingly, Implement it and keep a close watch … Read more

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To get your website on Google's first page, you must need to optimize your website. Technically it is called Search Engine optimization(SEO). SEO is strategies and techniques used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

There are various factors that affects … Read more

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You should avoid following activities to avoid spamming:

1. Paid Links

2. Spam Comments

3. Duplicate Content

4. Article Spinning

5. Cloaking

6. Doorway Pages

7. Keyword Stuffing

8. Invisible Text

Stick to White Hat techniques that most of the SEO Agencies follow to boost traffic, keywords ranking and most importantly, Profitability.