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5 simple steps to create your own website:

STEP 1 :Choose a platform where your site is going to be built on(WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.)

STEP 2:Get a domain name for your site.It should be catchy and relevant

STEP 3:Set your website,choose a theme,customize the design,make it look awesome.

STEP 4:Preview and test your website.

STEP 5:Publish

Khalifa Lootah
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These are the ways to increase traffic to your website:

1.Advertise your website.

2.Use social media channels to promote your content.

3.Write irresistible headlines.

4.On-page SEO Activities

5.Target Keywords

6.Referral traffic

7.Boost traffic to your website by posting content on Linkedin

8.Link Internally

9.Do Email Marketing

10.Site should be responsive and fast

11.Examine Google Analytics

12.Be active on Social Media

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Graphic design team has expertise in logo design, poster, brochure design, createinfographics and social media creatives.

Web Design involves growing photos, typography, and pix similar to Graphic Design, however we use the World Wide Web. A net fashion designer has guidelines on what they are capable of do