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Lack of time is the biggest obstacle that consumers mostly face when trying to have a healthy diet.

People have busy nowadays, they don't have time to cook at home, don't have time to go out in the market and shop for fresh food instead of buying it online, or order it from the restaurants. … Read more

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A Balance diet with the best combination of food on a Regular basis promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Always Have a "BreakFast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper."

Best Combination of Food Includes -

  • Green Vegetable
  • Pulses & Beans
  • Dairy Products ( Milk, Cow ghee, Greek yogurt)
  • Fruits
  • Soaked Pulses … Read more

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Digital Marketing has lots of benefits over Traditional Marketing. As per one the well known Digital Marketing consultant in Mumbai, Digital marketing is -

  • Cost-effective Any business small a big, can approach Digital marketing strategy.
  • The result in Digital marketing can easily be measured as compared to traditional marketing.
  • One can target their business … Read more

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If you are asking about dairy butter, then yes Muslims can consume it. Since butter is made out of milk so no question arises of being halal or not. In my country butter specially Amul Butter is widely consumed. I have not yet heard any Muslim rising such question. Well, don't have … Read more

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Digital Marketing is Just a term to describe overall combination process of different channels and different, different strategies used to utilize it to full fill the Business Goals.

No of activities which normally a Digital Marketing Agency undertake are:




Email Marketing


Lead Generation

Viral Marketing

Content Marketing

Video Marketing

Affiliate Marketing.

Reputation Management.

Businesses undertake the activities on suitable channel or … Read more

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Well, it depends on intake quantity and the diet that you follow throughout the day. If you are into bodybuilding than supplement intake is necessary. But, also make sure you are having a good diet and physical activity to support it.  At hour place, people mostly consider Amul lassi over protein supplement. Also the … Read more