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I think yes! If your Kenmore drier already has a Bulb, it can and should be changed as needed. I also have a Kenmore drier, and if there are any problems in its work - I'm just looking for info on the Internet about Kenmore dryer troubleshooting and try to solve all … Read more

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This is a very bad symptom for a dishwasher, you may need to contact a service center. But, in advance, you can search for information about the possible causes of such problems. I had a similar problem with Bosch dishwasher. I could not find the user's instructions, so I searched for the answer on the … Read more

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The girl should always be beautiful! This law can not be violated.

I'm against making girls things too complex makeup for every day. But completely ignore the makeup is not worth it.

For me, the perfect make-up - like the angels Victoria Secret. Yes, this is my favorite brand. I even like the historyRead more

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You Ride A Motorcycle, dear :)

A motorcycle is better than a car, because you can sense its power and control it. Wind blow in the face, and all the problems are left behind. I love motorcycles and learn the history of their brands and logos. The most interesting for me is the history of … Read more