Billy Tompson
Billy Tompson answered Roy Roy's question's a magical time...when all my family gather in one place

But what I like more then feast - are gifts! I like to get them and present to all my close friend and relatives...

And after all conversations...songs and congratulates, I like to play alone at midnight...

Billy Tompson
Billy Tompson answered

I'm a modern father, if I can say so =))

I always thought that I knew all about new music bands, games, devices...

But it was funny, that my 16 years old son taught me to play slots online =)

To be honest I was shocked...

That's why I lost tha way of understanding of children's … Read more

Billy Tompson
Billy Tompson answered Anonymous' question

You know...I think yes, especially coffee or a lot of chocolate (it's about me)

But not only food can effect your heart rate! It could be everything...emotions, feelings,

By the way the last one sometimes helps me to relax and normaliz my heart rate while playing

it's like way to clear my mind of … Read more

Billy Tompson
Billy Tompson answered

I used to play Harry Potter, but now I have no time to download and install the games on my PC and I've started play online games (

And now I can't stand thinking how could I spend so much time to play those kind of games.

Billy Tompson
Billy Tompson answered Preston Potnouf's question

I like to spend time with friends. Time by time I go for a walk or buy tickets to some country without preparing and just go away to relax =)

But if I don't have this opportunity, I would prefer to play some online games like slots or casino.