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We teach wordpress to my studens. This is very easy platform to create official and simple website.

We know that CMS system is allow to users to create publish delete edit and update that post.

These all proccess we can do in wordpress.

So conclusion is that wp is the best over blogger and weebly or wix etc.

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Faisal Zamir answered QuickBooks Support's question

Basically Keyword are phrase or word or collection of some different words. These words are search by peoples or users, when they search any things on google search engine or any others may be.

Google SEO Guidelines

Understand primary keyword

for example my target keyword is "Chemistry teacher". It is the primary or main … Read more

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On page is link with on website page which is like your website title, description, website layout or design and much more.

These all the factors are on page SEO factors.

Some of them i would like to teach you, sharing some on page Factors.

Firstly domain name

title of web page or post

Permalink or web … Read more

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SEO is the tool and skill which is not difficult to learn but become very confused tobeginners SEO students. If you want to learn SEO and want to get job then Make your mind that you want to do work.

If you are serious then keep in your mind some techniques and tips.

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Website is the resultant of content which live on the internet. We can also say that there are bundle of web page linked to one website.

word Website is correct and web site also correct.

Google.com is the website example.

Facebook.com is also another example.

But there are many types of sites, as blog iste, social networking sites, news … Read more

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There are many platform on which you can create blog with minutes. It is very easy process to create blog or complete website.

We can use blogger, wordpress, wix weebly etc.

There are many others website also available on the internet, you can join freely to create blog.

But you put question about  best … Read more

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Off page seo is very important to do because mostly people come to website through other sites which are relative to our website niche.

There are new techniques which re come to us. But keep in mind google also change its algorithm of ranking website in search engine.

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Methods to do off page SEO

Yes, you can get proper and best way to do off page seo for your new website to get more traffic as well as more backlinks which are back bone for website important.

What you need to do for this?

You have to find that website which give facility to back links … Read more