Rowan Webb
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I have been thinking about the answer for that crossword for the longest time! And you'd think that after years of experience in the car finance and automotive industry, I would know better! In any case, if you're looking for the answer on how a car works, I suggest that you get onto YouTube and … Read more

The Z.
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To carry my gear. To house my car stereo. To go further than walking distance without tiring. To get there today. Because so many jobs are dependent on cars. Because riding the bus sucks. Because I can't get there by boat. Because flying carpets are a myth. Because teleportation isn't a thing, yet. 

I hope that … Read more

Rowan Webb
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There are certain cars which are specifically built to be better tuned to particular types of fuel. That's why some cars are specifically called diesel cars. I mean if you're going to buy a car that's a hybrid, you're going to have to learn how to manage the balance of the 2 different energy sources. … Read more

Otis Campbell
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Usually can pull off or un bolt a timing belt cover to inspect a timing belt. Look for cracks or rubber gone this means the timing belt is old and needs to be replaced.if its a four cylinder replacing a belt is somewhat easy. A v6 is tricky i know i did one on a … Read more

Yin and Yang
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I have wondered if certain "mechanics" were dishonest and/or actually "fixed" something in the vehicle ESPECIALLY when I take it in for one thing sayyyyyyyy an oil change and then suddenly they say this and that is wrong with it and they already have a price in their mind! Pure evil sales tactics! This is … Read more

dragonfly forty-six
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Hubby says no. Depends on how easy the timing belt covers are to take off. You must be able to visually see the timing belt. He says in most cases its best to assume that it has not been done. If you can give me your cars year, make, model and engine size he can … Read more

Cameron Robertson
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It is interesting to learn of new things every single day. I have only seen 2 stacks of cars being transported but on land, on the road, perhaps from a storage facility to a dealership. However, I have never thought of how they might be stacked when on ships. I guess it is the same … Read more

Refreshme Refreshme
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A dodge truck. Everytime it rained a new electrical problem.  Signal lights signaling in opposite directions- flick for left and it would signal right.

Let's not even talk about the heater. Oh the wipers, they worked but after the wiping cycle they returned not to under the windshield area but instead they rested. ...yup right … Read more

Gator Blu
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I inherited a 1987 Ford Tempo along with its payments when my grandmother passed away. It ran fine up until I made the last payment. Then it started acting up. I took it in the shop several times. The mechanic was a family friend and one of the best around. He couldn't fix it. He … Read more

Ancient Hippy
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No, but I had a friend that did. Way back when I was in between marriages, I dated a young lady from N.E. Philly. It was Halloween and we were dressed as bananas, complete with yellow sneakers. Earlier that day, she bought a brand new car, it was a Yugo. It was bright red, smallish … Read more

Gator Blu
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I guess because we moved a lot we haven't accumulated a lot of stuff. (No need to pack it and move it if you don't use it.) After the last move my car stayed outside 2 weeks and my husbands about a month. I know people hose garages are packed with stuff they haven't used … Read more

Ancient One
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As with many others my two car garage has only seen one car parked in it for twenty four hours, then the moving van came. It has not see a car parked in it since. We always keep our cars locked. What amazes me are the folks who do park a car in their garage … Read more

Mountain  Man
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Like everyone said, a lot of people use them for storage. We only park our everyday vehicles in the garage in winter so I don't have to clear the snow off or scrape frost. Nobody sees our vehicles so we don't really have to worry about break-ins . We do lock our vehicles though. Better … Read more