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Pope Francis recently told an audience that theories of evolution and the Big Bang are not inconsistent with creationism and biblical teaching. (And this is creationism with the capital C---just indicating that we think there was a God involved.) I agree about the cognitive issue. Neither Aristotle nor Aquinas suggest that we could reason to … Read more
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@The Z I am comfortable with Aristotle's paradigm---there is an "efficient cause" or "prime mover" from which all must come (Yes, I call him "God.") Scientists fall under instrumental causality---a special type of efficient cause that is itself moved and elevated by the power of a principal efficient cause to produce an effect proportionate to … Read more
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That truth exists and is the proper object of study.

Of course, if you want to find gold, I think it's a good idea to learn all that is known currently about successful gold mining.

If you prefer finding rubies, you need to determine which geological activity produces them and where that occurs.

The problem occurs when one … Read more

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I started laughing at myself.  I realized that after I scrolled down, I could only remember what the french fries looked like and could not recall what they had been served with.

...Sort of like unexpectedly seeing an absolutely gorgeous woman---I seldom notice the shoes she is wearing.

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When Blurtit was circling the drain, I started looking around; and I joined 3 or 4,

Blurtit is my primary site and the first I sign into during the day.

I still go to answer mug every day---there are a few wackos there whose answers I feel a strong obligation to challenge.

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Dreams usually come out of what we're thinking about. You're thinking a lot about your grandmother and her medical issues. It came out in your dreams. It doesn't mean that she's going to die because you dreamt of her.

In this journey of her life, just be with her - talk with her - play … Read more

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Danae Hitch says in her answer, "Dreams usually come out of what we're thinking about"---an excellent observation, especially in the contest of your question.

Dreams are frequently an attempt by the unconscious mind to organize our fears and emotions about what might happen into tangible scenarios so that we can better deal with what is going … Read more

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1--Let me rephrase it then, I forget you have demonstrated real difficulty in understanding the simple meaning of things. You have turned a virtue---"justice" into a cold and feeling thing. "Ice"---appropriately limited beyond the obvious by the word "just." 2-Another example of your ability to misinterpretation something as simple as what I say. No wonder … Read more
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I love peaches; but if cream is involved, my first choice is bananas.  On the other hand, if ice cream is involved, peaches goes to #1.

I like the more unusual (rare) sea shells.

Summer get's a little hot in Texas---generally speaking, Fall is my preferred time down here.

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Moderately long preface before my answer---for a good reason.

I can read very quickly.  (My sister-in-law once saw me open a card from her sister, my wife, close it immediately and laugh.  She said that I could not possibly have read what the card said and what my wife had written and respond. My wife simply … Read more