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Those TV programs tend to film the families that are way out in the tail end of the distribution and it's very hard to learn much about ADD or ADHD from those shows, much less how to treat either issue.

I was diagnosed along with our youngest boy when he was 7 and I was in … Read more

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Yes, I first had it in my 40's---25 years ago; and only one bout with it since.

Here's a summary of what I know about it---redacted from internet sources that summarize what I know.  And I'm including a few personal comments.

It's an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the … Read more

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Dear Shaheen Shaikh,

I wonder if perhaps you began having periods only recently? It is very good that you should ask these kinds of mother was a registered nurse during the 1930's, and here are some pointers she gave long ago now.

1. I looked at one of Rooster Cogburn's links, and it seems good. … Read more

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Happened to come across these 8/25's by accident. I'ts not unusual to find my competitors commiserating with each other and licking their wounds after I'm gone....
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Got a chuckle out of your answer, but I'm laughing with you, not at you. And at 71, I find it necessary to occasionally distinguish between my prostrate problems and my prostate problems. I also am amused when someone at certain levels of government refers to the recent physical year numbers.