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Despite the claims, Adolf Hitler was not Jewish.

And if you are interested:

It is true Hitler was born to Catholic parents. His father was reported to be lukewarm in his faith, but his mother was very devout. Adolf Hitler was confirmed in 1904, but did not often attend … Read more

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And I asked one of my dragon friends and they said that all dragons are mathematical geniuses. He said one of them mentored RenΓ© Descartes at the time Decartes formulated the relationship between geometry and algebra. You're apparently a fake, Sudo
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As a single father of a daughter, I ran into the same scenario with my daughter.........or, rather, she ran into the same scenario with me. When she got her first visit of her "friend", she shyly said something to me. I asked her if she would feel better talking to me about it or would … Read more