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In truth, I can't limit myself to just one motto. I doubt this surprises anyone.

-No moment is as important as this one and no word as important as the next one;

-Since you're awake, do something useful;

-Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women.

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This turned out to be a delightful word upon looking it up---one meaning is Scottish slang.

exhausted, out of breath, unable to function due to extreme tiredness (as in β€œPlayin’ wi’ thae weans has gote me wabbitβ€œ). [similar to puggled]

And I can't top that with my own sentence....

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You have asked your question in the first sentence you wrote.

The answer is "Yes."

Now you need to develop a philosophy of life that allows you to realize that living is indeed worthwhile.

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Nope.  And only saw one personally for the first time about a year ago.  (And I'm 71).

Great site:

If you are fortunate enough to find a hummingbird nest, it can be tempting to watch it closely to see the magical growth of the tiny family. Like all nesting birds, however, female hummingbirdsRead more

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Talking to dogs and babies is similar in that neither one can understand what you are talking about---so the important thing is that you are interacting with them and acknowledging their existence in a caring way.

(I'm not sure how far down on the scale you have to go before talking to them is only beneficial … Read more