Yin and Yang
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There is medication that could help you. You need to see a psychologist. If you are already on a medication it sounds like you may need to be reevaluated to do a medication adjustment. Either way a visit to your/a doctor will help.

Refreshme Refreshme
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Water. A banana.  There's a really affective acupressure point...pinch rather hard at the bottom of your nose where your upper lip meet. Pinch hard for 30 seconds. Repeat if needed.

Danae Hitch
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Mid cells are cells that fall in a particular size range. The
percentage and absolute counts are determined for lymphocytes,
neutrophil, and mid-size population of monocytes, basophils,
eosinophils, blasts, and other immature cells.

I would suggest that you call your doctor and ask for an explanation and next steps if there are any. We are not doctors, nor do … Read more