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Do you think God is a mental case?


I think our portrayal of Him sometimes makes Him appear so. Take this for example. It is one of many :

This is apparently God's recommended method for us to find out for sure if a woman has committed adultery. The priest “must take some holy water in a … Read more

Dark Majinn
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From a couple of things he has said, I am unsure if he believes in Jesus. If he did, it is unsure as to what extent in regards to the classical definition of Jesus being the son of God as well as one of the three personalities of God.

He seems to reject organized religion … Read more

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I am looking for some answers from people born anywhere in Africa. I am looking to compare my answers to someone born in Africa, my question is: What are your Beliefs about the Existence and Nature of God?


I think what you're after are native African beliefs about the existence and nature of God. If so … Read more

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In Hinduism it is believed that God/the Creator/Creation itself is in everything. Must you see that as a entity/force or a "person", that is worth more than any other living thing (human being fx.) to be a true hindu that is accepted by other hindus?


1- First let's clear up a universally pervasive and deeply ingrained … Read more

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Do we really need religion?


Do we really need audio cassette tape recorders? At one time there were so many to choose from, but now nobody sells any. The demand [need] for them has vanished  because the role they played has been taken over by better more reliable equipment.

But religions are still here. In fact there … Read more

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What does Romans 5:12 mean? Death through sin?Romans 5;12 says, "Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned—"

This is Paul's teaching not that of Jesus or Genesis.

Death did not enter our world through sin. It was by design. … Read more

The Z.
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I feel strongly that alien life does exist somewhere out in the vast universe, perhaps in many places.

Just as likely that some worlds that once supported life underwent mass extinctions (as earth has done on at least five occasions) by any of a number of causes, and became devoid of life.

Michael Poland
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This is no (uni) it is in fact a multiverse.

There is so much that your gov. Has kept

from you for good reason. All planets have life.

Not the sort of life your used to, but life just the same.

Life is everywhere and that is a good thing.

This place is very protected because the human

race is royalty. … Read more

Phil Mayfield
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1. The "Undead" feed off the blood, the life force, of the living..Psychopaths have no lives because nobody likes them, even other psychopaths don't like them because you can't use a user. They have no lives. So they get into YOUR life and drain you with their problems until you give them something to go … Read more

Dark Majinn
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So I find this interesting. Some of these tortures would seem to surpass the actual crimes themselves. In this, I mean the act itself would take a mentally unstable person, to execute on another individual.

I think it would be more humane to simply terminate the criminal outcasts, or let them fend for themselves on … Read more

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That's a good question. I get my moral compass from the bible. I often think about world conditions and how far we have come from the philosophy of "love thy neighbor". By reading the bible for myself and applying what I read in my life it has had a positive effect on me and my … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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Shaming for crimes is already in place in most jurisdictions.  It's called "having your picture posted by the media".  Doesn't seem to work as a deterrent.

The problem with lopping off hands for crimes is ... How do you expect the person to get/hold a legitimate job afterwards?  Most jobs need you to use both hands.

Of … Read more