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We disagree a few times a week. We have a serious fight maybe once a year. It depends on the matter at hand. We let trivial things go by. Things like picking up after yourself, replacing the toilet roll. More serious issues would be, respect issues, family issues(his and mine) money issues.

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We never disagree, I won't allow it. I get my way or it's the highway. She isn't even smart enough to formulate, let alone orate a sentence of disagreement. She wasn't the smartest one in the litter either.

Of course, my significant other is my dog.

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You have heard the saying opposites attract? Living proof right here. On average 3-5 times a day, mostly minor stuff. We've been married 20 years. Together another 15 months before that. It would be boring if we agreed on  everything.

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10 years-

And we disagree lots

Just started raising a17 year old young man , and her and I disagree daily. I'm to easy on him ,I think she's to tough

Hard to find a midd