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Last June when we took our first extended RV trip, google maps told me to turn on a road I had no business taking the RV on. The turns were sharp and the road was very steep in parts. When I talked to a friend who lived in that area, she said she hates driving … Read more

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My husband and I loved taking our little daughter camping, and we had our own very private spot where we always returned.  Up in the San Gabriel Mountains, there was a large fallen log off on the side of the road.  We would always move the log and drive our little car past it, and … Read more

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Mine is kind of lame, but ...

We don't usually go off trail when we hike, but once in awhile we test our compass skills.  Deep in the mountains, we encountered a predator!  It was a tiny weasel, about 8 inches long. 

Danger turned into adorable.  Mr. Happy wants to see a mountain lion.  Pfffft.  I'm … Read more