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Are you looking for the names of the Companies, or the names of the people who own the companies?

I have not been keeping track. They have been buying and selling the companies. The original was GCOS (Great Canadian Oil Sands), then Syncrude built a plant. But both of these have been sold to other … Read more

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this site explains why you are getting the chills


I would say stay warm to help your body raise the temp to kill the virus.

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It says "Find a copy in the Library and at the bottom of that section (bottom of first page) is a slot to enter your location.. Tell me City or State or province etc and I can look it up for you
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I came when Ask shut down also.  Its been a good year. I had already tried "answer mug" and "I have solved" but blurt it was a more sociable site.  On answermug I am Maurice214  I know I don't ask or answer a lot, but these sites keep me entertained?

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I don't think so. The mother should stay home and take care of the baby, the father, if he's a student, should get a job to support the child and mother. They can both take night classes to get their diplomas.
I don't think it's right for taxpayers (in the US) to foot the bill … Read more