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For an idea of the cost ... To build 1 mile of "light rail" transit in Oregon, cost over 5 million dollars.

Another reason ... You have to purchase the land.  And if somebody doesn't want to sell, it may be difficult to claim "imminent domain" when there are existing transportation alternatives.

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I think the act is not divided! It is together! I assume this could be about priorities and setting up levels. And maybe most of the officials across the states and federal gov carrying this idea that right now is not the the moment to put the time and effort for this factor. (just a … Read more

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Interstate rail transport is private industry and bullet trains are really expensive, Otis. There is a major issue of return on investment. 

State govt's don't have the cash, and the US Govt won't pursue it because it doesn't involve oil, weapons or political ideology.

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Each state I have been in seems to want one. Here in Florida there has been talk for decades to a put triangular one in between Miami and Orlando and Tampa. There is never enough funding and every time the state thought it qualified for a federal grant the federal DOT backs out. 

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You have to remember how big the USA is. About 3.8 million square miles. With only 321 million people to pay for these bullet trains. (They will need new tracks so they don't run into slow trains) Compare this to Japan, which has only 146,000 square miles and  about 127 million people. The length of … Read more

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - the PC police have landed at Disney. O my goodness.

I'm white and when I was growing up, one of my friends gave me a black doll. My friend was also white. She wanted to give me the doll because she thought she was really pretty and she really liked the dress the doll … Read more

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This is getting a little out of hand ! I watched the video here and it's just one woman's rant. Geez ! It's just a costume. I see nothing wrong with it at all.

Disney halts sale of 'Moana' Halloween costume over accusations of ...

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I read about this yesterday and find it to be over the top. They claim you cannot wear someone else's skin. The costume is for a character that is shirtless throughout the movie and is tattooed. So unless they want to change the costume to some kind of reusable tattoos I don't see how they … Read more

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Two of my favourite mystic poets are Omar Khayyam (Fitzgerald's translation is the most popular) and A.E. (pen name of George Russell).

For sheer majesty and adventure: Sir Walter Scott (especially The Lay of the Last Minstrel ).

For comedy and unusual rhymes, Ogden Nash who not only writes clever poetry but often gives great … Read more

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Dear Catherine Kroesbergen,

The above list is a very fine one, and I am giving you a poem which if you like, then do read Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), perhaps you do already!

This is my letter to the world,

That never wrote to me - 

The simple news that Nature told,

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