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Boooooook ofcourse :)

I mean, my imagination gets infringed by seeing the movie first. For example take the famous Harry Potter. If you would see the movie first, it's hard to imagine while reading the book to see another "Harry" in front of you than the actor.

I like to imagine the school, the magic … Read more

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Depends if you are looking for short-term or long-term.

  • Short term
I would advise medicine/chiropractor/..

  • Long term

You need to find the cause of the pain.

Make your back stronger with yoga, exercise,  train your lower back with bodyweight or low weights.

Also look at your sleep, matres, etc.. This can be a big cause to.

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I would advise you a few things, it all depends on what your short and long term goals are in life.

First you will need to make a decision, where do you see yourself in 3-5 years. For example if you want to become a head salesmen for the company than you better start reading … Read more

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β€œIf you sit in on a poker game and don’t see a sucker, get up. You’re the sucker.” So your not any longer wet behind your ears when you know that you are not the sucker in any given situation. Because then that guy is wet behind his ears in my opinion.

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You don't need to learn the required skill-set yourself. Because you pay someone to do it. If you do it yourself, it's another burden and it will be more inefficient at the start. Because professional sellers are better than that people of your own stuff but only at certain points.


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I've got a good friend who is fashion watcher, she told me that you need to buy sometimes before the trends. This can have negative consequences when the trend doesn't break through or it is a very short-lived trend. If you fashion store then buys lots of supply or makes contracts and it turns out … Read more

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That's true, but that has nothing to do with being smart. Because if you have a healthy body, with an optimal weight, and you do sports, your mind will just work faster and more efficient than someone who is overweight, doesn't do any healthy activity, or any training for his brain (meditation, reading,..).. I'm quite … Read more
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It's not necessarily the easiest, but it IS the most logical. Learn C.

That will enable you to learn C++ which is, structurally-speaking similar to Java. You'll then find PHP easy.

The others are all different. HTML has been mentioned. This is both a coding scheme and a programming language. Early versions were mainly coding scheme, … Read more

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Hi Sven Verhaeghe,

This is not so much an opinion as just an observation...and macrobiotics would say (I think) that a steady diet of seeds would be too concentrated for us, for our digestive system.

I remember an instructor recommended against eggs, for instance, because "that's a whole chicken."

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I rarely experience stress in my life.

My best method for reducing stress

  • Immediately and experience less stress in the future:
    • Meditation
    • Reading about the brain (how stress works)
  • Immediately
    • The green herb
    • Writing your thoughts down. Keep writing for approx 20 minutes without a filter. This works as brushing your teeth for the brain. 
    • Video games (sometimes)
    • Music
    • Sex
    • Walking
    • Running … Read more
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I'm also having troubles with this. I'm doing customer support on the telephone. I think I can type fast between 110 - 140 words per minute (10 fingers speedtest) on an azerty keyboard.  I always use like shorteners some that I invented myself and other common ones. I never come back to a word if … Read more