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That's true, but that has nothing to do with being smart. Because if you have a healthy body, with an optimal weight, and you do sports, your mind will just work faster and more efficient than someone who is overweight, doesn't do any healthy activity, or any training for his brain (meditation, reading,..).. I'm quite … Read more
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It's not necessarily the easiest, but it IS the most logical. Learn C.

That will enable you to learn C++ which is, structurally-speaking similar to Java. You'll then find PHP easy.

The others are all different. HTML has been mentioned. This is both a coding scheme and a programming language. Early versions were mainly coding scheme, … Read more

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Hi Sven Verhaeghe,

This is not so much an opinion as just an observation...and macrobiotics would say (I think) that a steady diet of seeds would be too concentrated for us, for our digestive system.

I remember an instructor recommended against eggs, for instance, because "that's a whole chicken."

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I rarely experience stress in my life.

My best method for reducing stress

  • Immediately and experience less stress in the future:
    • Meditation
    • Reading about the brain (how stress works)
  • Immediately
    • The green herb
    • Writing your thoughts down. Keep writing for approx 20 minutes without a filter. This works as brushing your teeth for the brain. 
    • Video games (sometimes)
    • Music
    • Sex
    • Walking
    • Running … Read more
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I'm also having troubles with this. I'm doing customer support on the telephone. I think I can type fast between 110 - 140 words per minute (10 fingers speedtest) on an azerty keyboard.  I always use like shorteners some that I invented myself and other common ones. I never come back to a word if … Read more

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Personal Experience:

When I was younger the best method was not to touch them. That for me fixed most of it. Don't scratch them open, wash your face and hands often. (preferable with cream that dries the skin if you have a fatty skin). Also avoid chocolate, beer, and other fatty foods. Doing … Read more