How Much Do Cigarettes Cost In Spain?


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The cost of cigarettes in Spain tend to vary greatly depending on which brand you buy, but from what I can gather on the Internet, the prices have just recently increased. Ten packets of 50 grams Golden Virginia's have gone up to 48.50 Euros and 200 Lambert and Butler's have gone up to 32.50 Euros a sleeve. All outlets tend to charge similar prices but it is still good to browse around for a good deal.

Be wary that the VAT price in Spain is due to rise so you should consider this when it comes to figuring out a budget for your holiday spends. But after conducting a search on the Internet, I discovered the Spain's official tobacco price list. Dunhills are currently sold at 35 Euros. Embassy No. 1, B&H, Regal and Silk Cut are 31 Euros. John Player Blue and Malboro are also 31 Euros. Berkeley & Superkings cost 30 Euros. Royal Crown cost 28 Euros. Fortuna are 26.50 Euros. Mayfair: 25 Euros. Richmond: 24.50 Euros. JPS (Red, silver & white) & John Players Black are 23.50 Euros and Sovereign & Royals are currently 23 Euros.

When you buying tobacco products in Spain, make sure that you purchase them from official tobacco stores (they are called Tabacos). When you do this you are making sure that only get pure product that has been approved by the Government and it sold at official Government prices.
You also have to be wary about how many cigarettes you will be able to bring back home with you once you are ready to leave Spain. I think the limit that you are allowed to fly out of the country at the moment is 3200 but the airport security will be able to tell you the exact limits.
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Prices in spain have just gone up 10 x golden virginia 50g is 48.50 euro 200 lambert and butler is now 32.50 euro a sleeve

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