Ok...so blurtit made a moderator (yay!) but I can't "moderate" any questions now?


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There seems to be a glitch in the "acceptance procedure" right now Holly.It's something that has happened previously, but now seems to be rearing its head again.You need to contact the Blurtit administrative team what has happened and they will rectify the process for you.This happened to be me as well and was resolved inside a couple of days.
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All a moderator can do is report any question , answer and comment to Blurtit and then Blurtit takes it from there so make sure you know exactly what and how much a mod can truly do and mods can be reported too to Blurtit  for various reasons
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But if you're not a mod then you can still report answers so what's the dif?
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Exactly but Blurtit seems to listen to certain mods than others and over regular users

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