How Can I Make Sure My Answer Is Seen By As Many People As Possible?


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Fred Hamill answered
Adding extra flair to your answers is very important in getting your answers seen by the widest possible audience on Blurtit. Here are a few pointers as to how you can compile a 'high quality' answer:

  • Word count/length
  • Plain English
  • Adding images or video
Word count and length is a very important aspect when creating a good quality answer. A good chunk of text always looks good, right? We recommend between 350 - 500 words for a decently lengthened answer, but of course, you can above or below that, it's up to you!

Writing in clear and easy to understand 'plain' English is very important when trying to convey your answers across to the community. Slang and technical jargon aren't always the easiest to understand of languages, although if the answer demands it, there can be a right place for everything.

Adding images or video can bring color and interest to an otherwise bland chunk of text, and can add a level of interactivity and depth to your answers. To do this, try clicking on the 'Advanced Formatting' tab at the top of the Answer Box when typing your answer, just like normal. This will open a whole new world of possibilities to you. You can add various formatting options, URL links, pictures, and videos. If you ever find yourself confused by the wealth of options available to you, just hover your mouse over each icon and a little label will pop up.

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